IEP Support

Our IEP support team consists of Certificated Special Education Teachers.  Want someone on your side at the IEP table that knows the system?  We are here to help.

IEP support includes three steps:

  1. Meet with your IEP support specialist. Our IEP support specialist are Special Education Teachers, so we know the system from the inside out.  We can help you navigate the complex and confusing system of special education and help you find the right words to get the support you and your child need.
  2. Attend the IEP meeting. Your IEP support specialist will attend your IEP meeting as an advocate for you and your child.  We will do our best to provide you will emotional and strategic support, as well as assure that your voice is heard at the table.
  3. Follow up after the meeting. Your IEP support specialist will review the final copy of the IEP (if provided) and follow up with you after the meeting make sure that you do not have any remaining concerns. They will also follow up with the school based IEP team, if needed, via email.  If significant concerns, or discrepancies continue after this round of support another support package, or follow up meeting, may be required.

Initial IEP prep sessions are 120 minutes.

IEP Support Plan: $397

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