DIY Social Skills


Monthly memberships.  Unlimited learning.

Complete Kit for One Child

Perfect for grab and go learning, no prep required.

Social and emotional skills and awareness are more important than ever. Be a part of our DIY Social Skills!

Kit includes everything you need for 4 weekly social skills lessons. 

Each kit contains: 

  • 4 weekly social skills lessons on a theme. 
  • 4 fun activities or games to support each weekly skill. 
  • Instructions and supplies for 4 weekly crafts.

*Families are expected to have their own blank paper, markers, crayons, and school glue. 


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$40/ month + tax

Supplementary kit for additional children. 

Ready for grab and go learning for multiple children.  

Purchase one kit for each additional child. Kit contains an additional set of all consumable supplies. Non-consumable items such as game cards may only be included in a complete kit and are intended to be shared. 

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    $30/ month + tax

    Digital DIY Program

    Save money! Use your own supplies.

    Each month you will receive a digital lesson plan that includes the same 4 concrete lessons, activities, and crafts.  The Digital Only program also includes a checklist of needed supplies so you can be sure you are ready for all the fun before you begin!

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    $5.99 / month + tax

    Kits ship on the 5th business day of the next month

    following successful payment and every subsequent month until canceled. Cancelations must be made at least 5 business days prior to the end of the month. Support the Post Office! We ship through USPS.