The difference between coaching and counseling

What is Coaching?

Coaching is exactly what it sounds like! A knowledgeable professional who will help guide, support and encourage your, to help you be your best. Coaching is all about solving current problems, taking action, and achieving your goals.  Coaching can help you find your best path, and the future that you want for yourself and your family.  A coach can identify your strengths, and to help you use those strengths to solve problems, work through challenges and meet your goals. Its like having your own personal cheerleader, problem solver, and guide, right in your pocket!

How is this different from Counseling?

Counseling is often focused on processing and making sense of the past, rather than the future.  Counselors use a variety of techniques to help us understand our life experiences, especially difficult experiences and trauma.  Counseling can help you heal from those experiences  and learn how to move forward with a healthier thought process or life view.

Which one is right for me?

If you are looking for concrete strategies and problem solving, focused on the future… coaching is just what you are looking for! Different Paths has several plans designed to fit every family, need and budget.

If you are struggling with trauma, abuse or a deep wound or hurt from your past, counseling might be what you are looking for.  We recommend starting with your insurance carrier when looking for a counselor.