Why coaching?

Parenting or Family coaching is a dynamic, holistic form of support.  Coaches are knowledgeable across multiple areas from their training, education and experiences. This enables us to provide advice and support on many different types of issues.  Coaches can provide emotional support, concrete suggestions, intervention tools, and community resources, as needed by the family or individual they are working with.  Coaches are able to offer advice and resources across multiple areas of concern in the same session, which may be different from other types of professionals that your family works with!  Feel free to bring us your toughest, weirdest or most challenging questions, chances are good that we have heard it before!

You can learn more about the difference between coaching and counseling here.

Note of caution: Coaches are very knowledgable, on many issues, from their education, training and experience working with families similar to yours.  However, we are not medical doctors, therapist or psychologists.  We cannot provide the same in-depth level of knowledge and/or medical care that a medical doctor or mental health professional can. If you are struggling with a serious medical, emotional or mental health condition we encourage you to seek medical or psychological support from an appropriately trained professional, prior to coming to Different Paths.  As always, if you are experiencing a physical or mental health emergency, please call 911 or seek immediate emergency treatment.