The 5 pillars of the Different Paths Program


Strong social and emotional connection is the glue that holds families together, it is also the most powerful tool you have for influencing and shaping your children and their behavior.


Children thrive on predictability and routines. Just like adults, children want to know what is expected of them and how to be successful. Having a predictable routine makes children feel calm, secure and in control.


No one knows what is getting in your child’s way better than your child, although they do not always have the verbal or emotional skills to tell us clearly. Part of our process is to use and teach techniques that help children communicate their needs clearly and without negative behavior or tantrums.


We believe that children need boundaries and guidelines, and thrive in an environment where limits are clearly and consistently enforced. Using both natural and logical consequences teaches children vital life lessons, supports their social and emotional development, nurtures their maturity and helps them develop social and emotionally.


At some point in their lives most children need specific social or emotional skill instruction. This is especially true for children who are neurodiverse or that struggle with emotional or behavioral challenges. Teaching skills in a concrete manner gives kids the tools they need to thrive.